Restoration and first baking in the old Fonteta lime kiln are now a reality.


A group of volunteers carry out the process of recovering lime kiln baking in the large Fonteta furnace in Forallac. With this initiative we want to pay homage and remember the importance of the activity in the social and economic configuration of the municipality until the first third of the 20th century.

The activity of this restoration is being carried out in phases, with the collaboration of volunteers and some of the few people who remember how lime was made. The first step, which began last March, consisted of the cleaning and clearing of the oven. This was an opportunity to learn about the oven and talk with the people who will advise on the baking: Enric Mateu, Josep Puig and Josep Matés, all three, residents of Fonteta. It is a long process that has been made possible thanks to the involvement of a large group of volunteers. All of them are coordinated by the master potter Josep Matés, from Fonteta, who for some years has been working and coordinating the parties involved in this project.

The collaboration of the owners of the oven and a side field was also indispensable, from where the cookware will be extracted. Forallac has a great tradition in heritage restoration, such as the coal trade.

The baking in the lime kiln is planned for the second half of April.