Baking in the tilemakers of Can Frigola

In November of 2003 Forallac recovered the traditional process of baking tiles in the Gavarres by re-operating the old tile oven of Mas Plaja de Fitor, one of the best preserved in the area. The objective of the initiative was to revive and publicise this technique, which disappeared with the arrival of industrial furnaces.

The baking was promoted by the ceramicist and neighbour from Fonteta, Josep Matés, following the model started by the Festa de la Carbonera, in the line of recovery of our traditions. Matés had the collaboration of the tilemaker of Regencós, Joan Ferrer, one of the few professionals who still faithfully followed the traditional process of making and baking tiles. Ferrer contributed 50 percent of the baking of the sturdy craft made tiles. The rest of the stage was completed with pieces of pottery from various potters.

In the organisation of this activity, the involvement of the Botey family, the owner of the Mas Plaja and the tilemakers, was decisive. The organisers of the festival also had the collaboration of the Town Hall of Forallac and the Consorci de les Gavarres.

The experience was a success and for this reason, the Town Hall wanted to provide a new dimension to bring people closer. It was then when he thought about doing the baking in the tilemakers of Mas Frigola, which is located in a more accessible place. To be able to operate it had to be prepared so that it could withstand the cooking process, since the structure was very damaged. The first baking in this oven was done in November 2005.

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