Sant Julià and Santa Basilissa de Vulpellac

How to arrive?

This is the old chapel of the castle-palace that is located just next to it, in the town of Vulpellac. The building dates from the 16th century, in a late Gothic style with Renaissance details and it is fortified. It is a one-nave building with exterior buttresses, a polygonal apse in the interior and semicircular on the outside, and a tiled roof on two sides. It has a very peculiar west façade, with large ashlars that are very well worked on the upper part, where two bells are hung. The access door is in the form of an ogival arc and has a lintel and a tympanum without decoration. The only ornamental elements of this door are the bases of the three arcades, with nature reliefs and persons heads. At the centre of the façade there is a simple rose window. The building is completed with pillars that serve as a base for a bell tower with an unfinished wall. The bell tower, which has a square base and is very stylized, rises up the north-west corner of the church. The interior, covered with a vault, conserves the Shield of the Sarriera in some projecting mouldings.