D.O. Candelaria Tapes - Peratallada

Located in an old stone house in the heart of the charming village of Peratallada, the Restaurant Candelaria was opened in 1995. A short time later, in 1998 it came into the hands of the owner Anahí Metola who after twenty-five years transferred it to Santi Salvadó the current manager, who opened it in 2019 with a new name: DO Candelaria Tapes. Santi is the former founder of the Tapes i Copes Les Escoles in Sant Feliu de Boada and has a long history in the world of gastronomy, especially in tapas. He is as well a great wines lover. With the special decoration of the DO Candelaria Tapes, the aim is to create a cozy and relaxed atmosphere offering to the client an attentive and friendly service. With this philosophy of work, both in the kitchen and in the dining hall, DO Candelaria Tapes becomes a place that evolves and grows and that it set the bar a little higher every day and it is happy to do so.

Restaurant Candelaria
C/ Major 9
17113, Peratallada
Phone number: 972 63 41 81 

E-mail: salvadocuesta@gmail.com