La Carbonera

La Carbonera has become a festival for the neighbours of Forallac and the rest of the counties over the years. What started initially as an activity of a marked pedagogical and anthropological nature, as well as leisure, has become one of the most unique festive and cultural events of the municipality. At first, however, this popular festival was not held in Forallac.

Its promoters were the enterprising members of the Association Amics de les Gavarres, precursors of the conservation and re-valorisation of the heritage of the massif, which in 1993 inspired two ex-coalmen, Lluís Pla and Simon Cruanyes, to light a piece of coal in the Mas Baulida, in Sant Sadurní de l'Heura, next to the camí dels Metges. The experience was born with the aim that people interested in life in the Gavarres massif could see how coal was made until recently, just when the exploitation stopped being profitable as a result of the new forms of energy that were emerging. It was also meant to be a small tribute to all those people who with their work and sacrifice have become part of our collective history.

The setting of this successful festival, which from the beginning attracted many visitors, kept changing until in 1996 it began to take place in Forallac, in the area known as the Sobellàs, of Sant Climent de Peralta, one of the last coal mining squares of the massif. From the beginning, those responsible for the coal organisation were the Association of Friends of Cau dels Pins, of Sant Climent and Santa Susanna de Peralta, who have been supported by the Town Hall.

The pile is lit in October, during the first and second weeks, generally, and during these days there is always a coal man day and night, ensuring that the burning is correct. The coal men, however, don't spend much time alone. During the day many people and school groups come along, and at night there is also a lot of atmosphere. There are even people who decide to camp and spend the night next to the pile. It also must be said that there are some who use the excuse to have lunch and cook in a privileged natural environment.

Over these days, in addition, parallel activities are organised, linked to the dissemination of the natural heritage and human heritage of the Gavarres massif. Together, all these days make Sobellàs the epicentre of the leisure and cultural activity of the municipality, in one of the busiest places in the county.

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