Tellfusta - carpentry, toys and playing areas - Vulpellac

How to arrive?

Carpentry managed by Carles Frigola and Jordina Costa. Tell Fusta divides its activity into three tasks:

TellFusta Carpentry, with more than 20 years of experience, where all kinds of carpentry, space design and furniture work.

TellFusta Toys, a project that started in 2015, offering quality wooden toys, psychomotor structures, and space design for nurseries, kindergartens, or private homes.

TellFusta, playing areas. This third branch is related to the promotion of free and family play. We create family play areas with our products, bring these spaces to parties, fairs, kindergartens and schools.

Tell Fusta
Travessera de la Bordeta, 6
17111, Vulpellac
Phone number: 665.81.92.82


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