Medieval Fair of Peratallada - 26th edition

The town returns to the medieval age and the streets are full of ornaments and activities for all audiences.

From 03.10.20 to 04.10.20

Comedians, playwrights, puppeteers, storytellers and all kinds of vintage characters return to occupy the town, in which a medieval market is recreated. The stalls have all kinds of handmade products: cheeses, honey, herbs, bread, pastries, etc.

The history of Peratallada is closely linked to the medieval era. It is in this period when we have the first testimonies written about the town. Some 10th century documents mentioned it by the names of «Petra scissa» and «Petra tallada». The castle of Peratallada, around which the town settled, was the centre of the barony that belonged to the aforementioned lineage of Peratallada, documented from the 11th century.

The village remembers this connection with a period fair that is celebrated on the first weekend of October and uses the streets and squares of the old town as the setting, where it is still possible to capture the essence of that period.

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